Trinity™ F90+

eVTOL fixed-wing mapping sUAS


An unbeatable mapping tool for professionals

The Trinity F90+ combines the convenient handling of a copter with the efficient aerodynamics and endurance of a fixed-wing UAS. The result is a mapping drone that meets the highest demands on efficiency, safety, delivering survey grade accuracy and versatile application possibilities. Its performance parameters combined with ease of operation and an unbeatable return of investment make the Trinity F90+ the ideal mapping drone for the professional user.

Map big and better with the Trinity F90+

Unmatched Performance

The Trinity F90+ can fly for over 90 minutes, capturing more data per flight than any comparable platform on the market. Trinity F90+ can carry various integrated survey grade sensors of up to 1 kilogram in weight. These can be switched in a plug-n-play mode, mastering frequent changes in application. The Trinity F90+ is delivered with an entry level GNSS base station, iBase, at no additional cost.

Ease of Operation

User-friendly and easy to operate, the Trinity F90+ requires minimal training and can be unpacked and assembled in less than 5 minutes. Onboard QBase 3D mission control software supports flight planning, providing 3D flight path visualization and validation to ensure maximum safety, even in challenging terrain. The Trinity F90+ performs smooth, fully automated vertical take-offs and landings within confined areas with no tools or catapults required. The entire flight can be monitored in QBase 3D and manual override is possible at any time so that the operator remains fully in control.


Trinity F90+ is compatible with an advanced suite of survey grade sensors, including RGB, oblique, multi-spectral and LiDAR, to satisfy different requirements for various mission sets. All payloads are easy to swap within seconds via a quick-lock mechanism if the field of application changes. No tools are required.


The Trinity F90+ features easily interchangeable payloads – including LiDAR – easy repair, large area coverage and a single proprietary ground control software for planning, flying and post processing with PPK as a standard, all at a low price point. Single items of the modular set-up are attached via a quick-lock mechanism allowing for easy maintenance and repair of single parts. A replacement coverage plan is offered to the extend warranty for self-inflicted drone damage, ensuring quick and easy replacement at predictable costs.

100 km

Linear Coverage

700 ha

Area Coverage

1.29 cm

GSD @100 m AGL

90 min

Flight Time


Linear Coverage


Area Coverage


GSD @100 m AGL


Flight Time

Large Coverage

More Survey Data in Less Time

The Trinity F90+ captures more data in a shorter amount of time and in a simpler, more efficient way than conventional systems or other comparable drones on the market.

90 Minutes Flight Time

Due to its refined aerodynamics, the Trinity F90+ uses less energy and achieves unmatched flight times of 90 minutes and longer. During flight, it can cover large areas (700 ha/ 1,730 acres) or long corridors (100 km/ 62 miles), making it the surveying tool of choice for a broad variety of applications.

More features in detail

QBase 3D

With the QBase 3D software, efficient flight paths are automatically generated using the mission parameters entered by the operator. The operator can adjust parameters in QBase 3D during planning at any time. During flight mode, QBase 3D provides accurate information on aircraft and mission status to ensure flight safety and mission success.

QBase 3D

Trinity F90+ Cameras

Trinity F90+ users have the choice between five different fully integrated cameras, including RGB, oblique, multispectral and LiDAR. They are easy to swap using the quick-lock mechanism of the payload compartment. This ensures a correct fit for any application.

Cameras Overview

Technical Data and Downloads

Max. Take–off Weight

5.5 kg (12.13 lbs)

Max. Flight Time

90 min (subject to export regulation)

Max. Area Coverage

100 km/ 700 ha

Max. Flight Altitude (MSL)

4,500m (14,763.8 ft)

Command and Control Range

5 – 7.5 km (3.1 – 4.7 mi)

Optimal Cruise Speed

17 m/s (33 kn)

Wind Tolerance (hover)

Up to 9 m/s (17.5 kn)

Wind Tolerance (cruise)

12 m/s (23.3 kn)

Operating Temperature Range

-12° C to 50° C (10.4° F to 122° F)


2.394 m (7.85 ft)

Transport Case Dimensions

100.2 x 83 x 27 cm (39.4 x 32.7 x 10.6 inch)

Transport Case Weight

22.3 kg (49.1 lbs), incl. three batteries


Trinity F90+ System Overview


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Sensors for Trinity F90+ Overview


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Offsetting CO2 with every Trinity F90+ sold


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