Aerial intelligence when it matters

The Quantum Systems Story


When making decisions, seeing the bigger picture and acting upon reliable data is pivotal – regardless of whether you are thousands of miles away or directly on the ground, whether in times of war or in business.


Our ever evolving systems redefine how aerial data is collected, analysed, and turned into action. Hence, we make armed forces, governments, and companies future-proof for the age of aerial intelligence.
As the global leader in eVTOL drones, we bring innovation and speed to military users and field-proven, robust systems to the commercial world, empowering both to act on real-time mission-critical data in any environment or scenario.


All our drones are the perfect symbiosis of hardware and software: easy to use, durable, effective, and cutting-edge, delivering the highest-quality data fast to any operator, business owner, or soldier.


We are bold and curious, explorers at heart, engineers by definition. We believe actions speak louder than words. We stand for everything that defines our free and democratic societies.

We are leading the aerial data revolution.