04 JUN 2024

Quantum Systems: swarming technology

Quantum Systems achieves milestone on the way to swarm technology: Successful test of several unmanned systems in KITU2 study

Gilching, 04.06.2024 – As part of the KITU2 study, Quantum Systems has tested seven Vector and Scorpion unmanned aerial vehicles in swarm flight for the first time. The drones were controlled and coordinated by a specially developed mission AI. The project is part of a feasibility study commissioned by the German Armed Forces.

The KITU2 study (Artificial Intelligence for Tactical UAS/ Künstliche Intelligenz für taktische UAS) was commissioned by the Bundeswehr  in July 2023. Quantum Systems, Airbus Defence & Space and Spleenlab were jointly commissioned with the feasibility study, which is intended to benefit the development of FCAS (Future Combat Air System) and MGCS (Main Ground Combat System).

Quantum Systems, Airbus and Spleenlab have now demonstrated the simultaneous flight of seven unmanned systems in the air in a joint test. A specially developed mission AI coordinated the flight and mission control. Some of the Vector drones even operated under GNSS-denied conditions, i.e. with interference from radio signals, as can be observed in Ukraine. They carried out various missions, including joint reconnaissance and target acquisition integrated with a battle management system.

The findings and developments of the study will be evaluated for the MGCS and FCAS projects. An initial showcase will take place at this year’s ILA, in Berlin. The Vector drones presented in the study will be on display in Hall 3, and a demonstration flight will take place on the ILA airfield on June 5th.


Together with our partners, we have taken a milestone on the road to unmanned drone swarms.
With a swarm, it is not only the number of systems that is decisive, but also whether different
missions can be flown simultaneously and in a coordinated manner.

About Quantum Systems

Quantum Systems specializes in the development, design, and production of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS). The company’s range of electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) sUAS are built to maximize range and versatility and provide operators with a seamless user experience. By integrating cutting-edge software capabilities like edge computing and real-time AI-powered data processing, Quantum Systems builds next-generation UAS for security, defence, public safety, commercial and GIS operations customers across the globe.

Quantum-Systems is a global company, founded in 2015 and headquartered at Special Airport Oberpfaffenhofen, 20 km west of Munich, with business locations in the United States, Australia and Ukraine.

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