Sony ILX-LR1

RGB Camera

The Sony ILX-LR1 camera, with its cutting-edge high-accuracy capabilities and expansive coverage, seamlessly integrates into Quantum Systems drones and allows direct camera control, while delivering exceptional image quality. The camera harnesses advanced sensor technology and processing power, resulting in a ultra compact solution that elevates project efficiency. User have the flexibility to customize settings to suit any mission, reducing data load and streamlining workflows, while maintaining image quality.

Technical Specification

Sensor resolution

61.0 MP (9504 × 6336 px)

GSD @100m AGL

1.57 cm/px

GSD @120m AGL

1.88 cm/px

Coverage @120m AGL

491 ha (1.88 cm/px GSD, 70% overlap)

Coverage with 0.7 cm/px GSD

184 ha (@45m AGL, 70% overlap)

Sensor type

Exmor R CMOS

Sensor format

35 mm full frame

Sensor size

35.7 mm × 23.8 mm


f=24 mm, F2.8

Payload weight (ready to fly)

600 g

Sample data

Flight altitude

100 m | 328 ft AGL

Flight speed

17 m/s


1.57 cm/px



Flight time

21 min


79% (forward and sidewards)


60 ha

Download Sample Data

Sample Data for the Sony ILX-LR1.



Sony ILX LR1 Tech Sheet