09 NOV 2022

Live Situational Awareness With Vector

Live Situational Awareness, Successful “Live-Lage” Proof of Concept with Vector

Rapid and accurate collection of live data relevant for situational awareness is enabling more efficient operations and their planning by first responders.

Live-Lage (Live Situational Awareness) is a project which has been implemented by the DLR Institute for Optical Sensor Systems in Berlin together with the Duisburg Fire Department. The aim of the project is to provide first responders and rescue forces with a precise live picture before they arrive at the place of the incident. This involves the Quantum-Systems Vector UAV, automatically flying to the scene of an emergency and using innovative camera and processing technology by the DLR and Eurocommand to transmit high-resolution aerial images and maps in real time to the control center and the command vehicle. The aim of Live-Lage is to help give the emergency services a decisive operational time advantage. Time that can save lives.

For fire departments and rescue services, every minute counts to handle operations in a better and more structured way. Information about the situation on the ground is crucial for command and control. The decisive factor here is that the more up-to-date and precise the information, the more efficiently operations can be carried out and lives saved.

In the “Live-Lage” research project, the Security Research and Applications department of the Institute of Optical Sensor Systems is developing new technologies for rapid aerial reconnaissance of large-scale damage and disaster situations. Optical technologies are to be combined with the possibilities of unmanned aerial sstems (UAS) to enable operational support for authorities and organizations with security tasks. To this end, a special version of the Modular Aerial Camera System (MACS) is being developed for the Quantum-Systems vector UAS in close cooperation with the Duisburg Fire Department, which can generate current situation images in real time and transmit them to the operations command.

The Live-Lage Project in a nutshell

The Security Research and Applications Department of the Institute of Optical Sensor Systems of the DLR is developing new technologies for the rapid reconnaissance of large-scale damage and disaster situations from the air. Current optical technologies are to be combined with the possibilities of new unmanned aerial Systems (UAS) such as Vector and Scorpion to enable operational support for authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS).

The next steps for Live-Lage

In the near future, selected system components from MACS will be included in the product portfolio of the company’s partners and will be available on the market.

The operation of the system should be as simple as possible in order to minimize the hurdles for the worldwide use of the system, on the one hand during the training of the system and on the other hand during the use of the system itself. Creating live georeferenced images that are automatically stitched and live mapping is a complicated task that should be implemented as simply as possible for the end user.

Worldwide partners for the use of the system are needed in order to gather experience values to develop the system to market maturity.

We are very satisfied with the result of the exercise on the
Live Situation project. We have achieved our common goal
of providing rescue forces and civil protection with live
mapping in very high resolution. In close cooperation
with the DLR Institute for Optical Sensor Systems, we
wereable to add this tactical capability to our Vector
system – and offer our customers a decisive added
value for their missions in the future.

About Quantum-Systems

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