What we do

We specialize in the development, design, and production of advanced multi-sensor unmanned aerial systems (UAS) that collect aerial intelligence for the professional user.

Our Future

Aerial data intelligence at your fingertips. Anytime. Anywhere.

Our vision is to fully automate data acquisition processes and to become the global leader in AI-powered aerial real-time surveillance. To achieve this, the “Apple-Approach” is the only way to go: a combination of great software with world leading hardware. We work on bringing together software and hardware technologies to provide an end-to-end platform for acquiring data, which will serve as the basis for sustainable decisions.
To build the next generation products, we are investing heavily in software. That includes artificial intelligence, which will enhance our ability to provide situational awareness to our operators; edge computing, which facilitates real-time data processing onboard our UAS; and new elements in our mission planning software, which allows operators to orchestrate complex operations with the click of a button.
Quantum-Systems is here to disrupt the aerial intelligence industry, by bringing our best-in-class UAS platforms and software together. We have commenced work and sold the first technology demonstrator of a drone-port solution to automate deployment of our systems.
As a next step, we envision an emerging line of business, centered on an automated network of drones where the customer will no longer own the hardware but will directly access the data required.
We are dedicated to building a network of automated drone-ports, or “nests” as we call them, enabling users to collect data on-demand and access real-time analytics as a service.

Management Team and Founders

Visionary and Passionate

The visionary and initiator Florian Seibel formed the core team around him in 2011. Florian Seibel met Dr. Michael Kriegel during their PhD work at the Chair of Flight Systems Dynamics at the University of the German Armed Forces in Munich. In 2012, they registered the patent for a vertically launchable unmanned transition aircraft under the patent number DE201210104783.

Tobias Kloss and Armin Busse joined shortly after. The team founded Quantum-Systems GmbH in January 2015. Since then, the turnover and the number of employees grew continuously with triple-digit percentage growth year over year. All four founders hold active positions within Quantum-Systems GmbH.

Florian Seibel

Dipl.-Ing., Co-Founder & CEO

Florian is the visionary initiator and founding CEO of Quantum-Systems. He was an officer in the German Armed Forces from 1999 to 2016 and graduated as an aerospace engineer at the University of Munich.

After his employment as a helicopter pilot in Germany and abroad, he joined the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Munich as a research assistant in 2010 working on his PhD. His main fields of activity included the development and operation of different carrier platforms based on multi-copters and fixed-wing UAVs. He never finished his PhD but decided to found Quantum-Systems instead.

Florian is a passionate glider pilot, flight instructor, paraglider, and helicopter pilot. In his spare time, he enjoys long walks and runs with his dog.

Florian is the driving force behind Quantum-Systems, who loves to challenge his engineers daily. His vision is to transform Quantum-Systems into a world leader in AI-powered aerial intelligence.

After the Russian invasion in Ukraine he made the decision to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces in an “whatever it takes” approach. Florian strongly believes in western democratic principles and is ready to defend them.

Armin Busse

Dipl.-Ing, MBA, Co-Founder & COO

Armin Busse studied mechanical engineering at the University of the German Federal Armed Forces in Munich and was an officer in the German Federal Armed Forces from 2002 to 2014. In this period Armin gathered many years of experience with comprehensive personnel responsibility. During his last years of service, he completed an Executive MBA in International Management.

After his active service in the German Armed Forces he held the position of a quality engineer and process manager in the automotive supplier industry. As COO of Quantum-Systems, he is responsible for all operational and administrative matters in the company, including Procurement, Production, and Quality Management.

“Since autonomous electric unmanned aviation beyond the operator’s visual line of sight is still in its infancy at the moment, we do indeed feel like aviation pioneers,” explains Armin the current strategic positioning of Quantum-Systems.

Frank Thieser

Dipl.-Ing. & CFO

Throughout his career, Frank Thieser held leading positions in companies within the aviation & defense industry. In previous positions, Frank gathered experience as a manager in large defense procurements within NATO and as an officer in the German Armed Forces in aviation related R&D and procurement.

At Quantum-Systems, Frank oversees Finance and Accounting and is currently focusing on developing the organization for further global expansion.

When not at Quantum-Systems, Frank uses his time for sports and on promoting the start-up ecosystem for the defense and security sector. “We are living in a time, where technology plays an unprecedented role in Europeans sovereignty. Quantum-Systems is not just about UAVs, it’s moreover a contribution to global tech sovereignty.”

Dave Sharpin

CEO at Quantum Systems Inc.

Dave Sharpin is the CEO of Quantum-Systems Inc., based in the United States, and Quantum-Systems Pty Ltd in Australia. He has over 35 years of experience in government manned aircraft, unmanned aircraft systems, and robotics, and served in the United States Air Force. Dave began his career as a systems engineer and later transitioned into programs and business development. His first business leadership position was as the VP/GM of a Special Mission Aircraft business, Alliant Techsystems, now known as Northrop Grumman (NOC). He also led the Tactical UAS business segment for AeroVironment (AVAV) and served as the CEO and Chairman of the Board at Auterion Government Solutions.

Dave has always been driven by two factors: a passion to create and deploy new and differentiated aerospace products, and the desire to enable those in the Defense and Security professions to complete their missions in tough environments and come home safely. “Building a new ecosystem of UAS at Quantum-Systems is a dream come true and a capstone to my career", says Dave.

Sven Kruck

MBA, Reserve Officer & CSO

Sven Kruck is the CSO of Quantum-Systems and responsible for the global Sales, Marketing, Product Management and Business Development. As the CSO he plays a key role in the C-level team to fulfill the strategy path of Quantum-Systems. Sven has extensive international experience in sales and as a management consultant. He held several positions within the German Armed Forces and international companies such as Deloitte Consulting and in the Tyczka Group. This included several overseas assignments in the United States, Afghanistan and Myanmar where he was able to apply his in-depth knowledge of information strategies and communication psychology in addition to his sales skills.

In his last role as a managing director at the Tyczka Group, Sven proved his competence as a Sales executive. Besides that, he successfully led several strategy and transformation projects with an impressive track record in revenue growth, process optimization and digitization.

Sven holds an Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) diploma focused on International Management from Hochschule Reutlingen and a Diploma in Strategic Management from the University of the German Armed Forces in Munich.

Sven's belief is: "Be authentic, work hard and do it."

Discover Our Patented eVTOL Technology

Patented automatic transition systems

The Quantum-Systems eVTOL fixed-wing sUAS unite the convenient handling of a multi-rotor drone and the efficient aerodynamics of an airplane into one system – making them unique. “Tilt rotor transition aircraft” is how we call this innovative and patented category of drones. After a vertical take-off and reaching the desired transition altitude, the drone has a short phase of acceleration. During this transition phase, the rotors, driven by electric motors, swivel from the vertical take-off position to a horizontal flight position. The patent for this innovative swivel mechanism and the unique transition technology was granted in 2012.
Our sUAS fly as efficiently as a fixed-wing airplane but allow for the easy vertical take-off and landing of a multi-rotor drone. No runway or catapult or extra equipment are needed for take-off or landing. They land smoothly on their shock absorbing landing gear. No need for a parachute. This means reduced harm on the sUAS and sensors for an extended product life.
All our systems are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Germany or Europe.